Etch E Double Toothpicks

  • My grass is brown.
  • My two big dogs are now living inside the house 24/7… can you say dirt?
  • My electric bill is off the charts.
  • There is no one outside and it’s a bit eery.  No one on the streets, in their yards, in the parks… no one.
  • I need a pot holder to open the car door.

And this is the coming week’s forecast

Etch E Double Toothpicks

When will it end???


About LeAnn

Start with a head in the clouds dreamer… a pinch of eccentricity… mix in an insatiable curiosity about everything… fold in no **real skills to brag about… dust a surface with a desire to go in slow motion, creating moments that become memories and proving that life after 50 can rock … roll it out in the suburbs of middle america and knead until the consistency is flexible .. place in a hot oven and you seriously never know what will pop up on this blog… but I'd lay odds it's eclectic and nostalgic and sometimes impulsive. Thanks for dropping by... **no real skills unless you count list making.. I love lists... lists of all kinds.. I love making them, reading them, obsessing over them .. I am a quintessential, expert, list-maker.

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