Intentional October..

For the month of October I’m gonna limit sugar and processed foods.. which means I am going to eat more slowly.. yeah, I know it’s October.. Halloween… Halloween candy.. I know and that’s why I’m doing it.. my way..

No refined sugars or packaged things that contain sugar.. I will eat fruit and use natural foods to sweeten things (like bananas in my oatmeal or dates)… maybe some raw honey in my tea.. and yes, I know that a sugar molecule is a sugar molecule.. but I also know that being this intentional about avoiding refined sugar will bring about good things..

As for processed foods.. I mean.. I don’t eat it if I the ingredient would be more likely to be found in a chemists lab rather than my kitchen.. I’m “limiting” because I will not turn down opportunities to socialize with my friends where it will be more difficult to find non-processed foods… it’s not about the never it’s about getting healthy.. and reminding myself what real food tastes like..

So here’s to a great wholesome October!




About LeAnn

Start with a head in the clouds dreamer… a pinch of eccentricity… mix in an insatiable curiosity about everything… fold in no **real skills to brag about… dust a surface with a desire to go in slow motion, creating moments that become memories and proving that life after 50 can rock … roll it out in the suburbs of middle america and knead until the consistency is flexible .. place in a hot oven and you seriously never know what will pop up on this blog… but I'd lay odds it's eclectic and nostalgic and sometimes impulsive. Thanks for dropping by... **no real skills unless you count list making.. I love lists... lists of all kinds.. I love making them, reading them, obsessing over them .. I am a quintessential, expert, list-maker.

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