2012 More or Less

My 12 for 12, more or less..

  1. More walking/biking and less driving
  2. More fruits/veggies and less processed food
  3. More projects and less TV
  4. More recycling, less waste
  5. More saving, less spending
  6. More celebrating, less worrying
  7. More laughter, less crying
  8. More faith, less disbelief
  9. More giving, less taking
  10. More participation, less watching
  11. More love, less dislike
  12. More quiet, less babble


About LeAnn

Start with a head in the clouds dreamer… a pinch of eccentricity… mix in an insatiable curiosity about everything… fold in no **real skills to brag about… dust a surface with a desire to go in slow motion, creating moments that become memories and proving that life after 50 can rock … roll it out in the suburbs of middle america and knead until the consistency is flexible .. place in a hot oven and you seriously never know what will pop up on this blog… but I'd lay odds it's eclectic and nostalgic and sometimes impulsive. Thanks for dropping by... **no real skills unless you count list making.. I love lists... lists of all kinds.. I love making them, reading them, obsessing over them .. I am a quintessential, expert, list-maker.

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