Big Girl You Are Beautiful – week 3 check in

I’ve got a gob of weight to lose.  A gob.  Today was my 3 week weigh in and I lost 5.8lbs.  Last week, I had gained 0.4lbs, so I was ecstatic about this weeks loss.  I’m following Weight Watchers and counting points, etc.  One thing I’m doing differently this time is strategizing..

There are some keys for me to be successful:

  1. Have my meals not only planned but prepared. CHECK.  (more about what I’m eating this week in another post)
  2. Schedule in exercise with specificity.  CHECK.
  3. Plan for the knowns.  This week I have a business dinner and I will not have control over which restaurant we go to.  I have a plan.  CHECK
  4. Check in with my Accountability Team. CHECK

I love big, bodacious goals… always have.. I’m not a writer, so I’ll leave it to Robert Browning to express my feelings about goals:

Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

So, this week’s STRETCH goals:

  1. Begin weight training.
  2. Meet 10k steps four two of seven days.
  3. Put myself in that “uncomfortable” range during exercise for 20 minutes this week.
  4. Take a before picture and do measurements (no matter how badly I don’t want to do this)

**I ended up editing this later because my stretch goals began to hover over my head.. I began to feel pressure… and I remembered I’m supposed to be going slow (hence and enjoying the journey… and savoring the moments.. and doing things differently this time… so I adjusted my goals.. I get to do that! HA!… Two goals is plenty of a stretch, especially when one involves a picture and measurements!

Believe it now!


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