50+ Things I Love…

Gideon Strauss praised those who make lists of things that they love.. and those who know me well, know I LOVE a list!!…. he said “we know more about people when we know what they love than when we know what they think or profess to believe. And we learn a great deal about ourselves when we reflect on what we love.”

So, here’s what I love.. What do you love???

50 things I love… and growing

1. Using the word bodacious in casual conversation
2. Moose
3. Sound of my jeep on a gravel road.
4. Iced tea from Sonic with extra extra ice.
5. Puppy breath
6. Smell of freshly cut grass
7. Laughing until I cry and my head hurts.
8. A father tossing a baby in the air.
9. Old friends
10. New friends
11. Falling in love
12. Being surprised by a really good argument and changing my mind
13. A really really good story
14. My father’s laugh
15. Scent of a strong manly man (and I’m not talking about body odor!)
16. Watching my mom work a 10,000 piece puzzle
17. Dogs, all of them
18. Stormy day with a great book
19. Inagodadavida
20. Unique, unusual earrings
21. Orange, I just love orange
22. Seeing my breath in the cold air
23. A clean house
24. Fresh sheets (hung on a clothesline outside is even better!)
25. Mashed potatoes and gravy
26. Crisp mornings that herald the coming of fall
27. Holding hands
28. Iphone
29. Snow storms
30. Phillipians 4
31. Walking barefoot on cool grass
32. Being in Awe
33. A rock song with a good bass beat
34. Momentum
35. Pillow talk
36. Beginnings – weddings, births, the first line of a book, first day of school, first kiss
37. Figuring out how a movie will end
38. Being surprised at how a movie ended
39. Rainbows made by sprinklers
40. Squishy thick beds of moss
41. Picnics
42. Heat waves seen on blacktop roads in the summer
43. Spark. Chemistry. The unexplained pull of another human being.
44. Smell of babies.. clean babies
45. Splenda! I have broken up with Splenda, sigh…. you were good to me Splenda but you were also addictive and I have given you up….
46. Lists
47. The first bird’s song of the spring… especially early in the morning
48. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
49. Comfortable silence
50. Goosebumps

51.  Heelun Coos (Highland Cows)


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