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2012 More or Less

My 12 for 12, more or less..

  1. More walking/biking and less driving
  2. More fruits/veggies and less processed food
  3. More projects and less TV
  4. More recycling, less waste
  5. More saving, less spending
  6. More celebrating, less worrying
  7. More laughter, less crying
  8. More faith, less disbelief
  9. More giving, less taking
  10. More participation, less watching
  11. More love, less dislike
  12. More quiet, less babble


Intentional October..

For the month of October I’m gonna limit sugar and processed foods.. which means I am going to eat more slowly.. yeah, I know it’s October.. Halloween… Halloween candy.. I know and that’s why I’m doing it.. my way..

No refined sugars or packaged things that contain sugar.. I will eat fruit and use natural foods to sweeten things (like bananas in my oatmeal or dates)… maybe some raw honey in my tea.. and yes, I know that a sugar molecule is a sugar molecule.. but I also know that being this intentional about avoiding refined sugar will bring about good things..

As for processed foods.. I mean.. I don’t eat it if I the ingredient would be more likely to be found in a chemists lab rather than my kitchen.. I’m “limiting” because I will not turn down opportunities to socialize with my friends where it will be more difficult to find non-processed foods… it’s not about the never it’s about getting healthy.. and reminding myself what real food tastes like..

So here’s to a great wholesome October!



Etch E Double Toothpicks

  • My grass is brown.
  • My two big dogs are now living inside the house 24/7… can you say dirt?
  • My electric bill is off the charts.
  • There is no one outside and it’s a bit eery.  No one on the streets, in their yards, in the parks… no one.
  • I need a pot holder to open the car door.

And this is the coming week’s forecast

Etch E Double Toothpicks

When will it end???

No Planet B – Tip #1

There is no Planet B… so we’ve got to take care of what we have now… and the little things add up so here’s tip #1:  Eliminate or decrease Vampire (or ghost) power usage.  Vampire energy is the energy that’s used when appliances are in “standby” or are not being used at all but still pulling enery, i.e. the Microwave (remember the little clock?), the little red light on your TV that tells you it’s off (cuz we’re too dumb to see there’s no picture, huh?) or continuing to leave items being charged plugged in even after they’re charged.

I noticed in Scotland that the outlets had a switch that turned that outlet on and off.  The purpose?  To save energy – especially the vampire kind that suck energy even when not in use!  See the switch in the middle?

It wasn’t just in one or two places… they were everywhere… so when I returned I tried to find them here in America.  No luck.  There are power cords of course.. but they’re so unsightly (don’t you agree?).

So here’s what I got:

1.  This device cost $9.99 on… it’s called a Belkin Conserve Outlet.  The cool thing?  It’s got a built in timer for 1/2 hour, 3 hours or six hours.  I set it for 3 hours, push the button on top and use it to charge my phone.  After 3 hours, it automatically switches off and I save about six hours of energy and who knows how much vampire energy.  WIN!

2.  This next device is called the Smart Strip Autoswitch and you can buy it on for $24.18.  Yes, it’s a surge protector but it also saves energy by allowing your to completely switch off your equipment (no vampire energy hog!).  For example, I use it for my TV, cable, surround sound set up.  I use the TV in the primary switch (blue slot) that when it is turned off it automatically turns off anything that’s not plugged into the red plugs (like my surround sound receiver and subwoofer)… Not only does it turn them off no energy will get to them thus decreasing the slow leak of energy by vampires).  I keep the cable box plugged into the red plug which never goes off (because it takes 10 minutes to reboot).  Cool, eh?  I think so.

3.  I’m a nerd and this will not necessarily save you money but it will amaze your fellow nerdy friends!  It’s called a Kill-a-watt.  You plug whatever you’d like to measure into the device and then plug the device into the wall.  It will tell you how many watts or joules the appliance uses.  Love love love this…

So what about you?  What can you do to decrease your Vampire Energy use (and save some money along the way)?